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July 2008

AEF Airport Planning and Noise Survey

Noise blight is a fact of life for many of those living close to aerodromes. Solutions to the problem are frequently inadequate. Many AEF members have concerns about the levels of noise they experience, and how airport planning  affects the …

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Airlines get an easy ride in EU climate deal

Press release Aviation emissions are set to soar, but a new EU agreement supposed to tackle them will have little impact on the sector’s growing carbon footprint, say campaigners. A deal approved today by the European Parliament will, from 2012, …

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Delay on Heathrow and backtracking on tax

The DfT (Department for Transport) told AEF and others at at the ‘External Advisory Group’ that the government decision on Heathrow will be delayed until the autumn.  This is apparently due to the volume of responses to the consultation and additional work to be done on air …

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