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March 2009

Sustainable Aviation Initiative

Tim Johnson meets with the Sustainable Aviation Initiative (an industry group aiming to decrease the environmental impact of aviation: ) as an Advisory Council Member. The meeting reviewed commitments and priorities in key areas. An update on the Iniatiative’s …

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Airspace issues and CO2 forecasts

Our focus in the last fortnight seems to have been on airspace issues. As well as giving oral evidence and some follow-up material to the Transport Select Committee, a new story on our website notes that NATS have gone back …

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AEF presents at Omega conference

AEF presents at the Omega conference and knowledge dissemination event, on “The Stakeholder View: An Environmental NGO”. AEF’s involvement with the UK’s first academic think-tank on aviation issues has included evaluating new noise metrics to communicate noise disturbance to the …

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