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ICAO’s years of failure on climate

13th July, 2009

The Brussels-based organisation ‘Transport and Environment’ has published a devastating exposure of a decade of ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. It shows how ICAO have not just failed themselves to address climate changing emissions from aviation but have sought to obstruct progress from others.

The table below summarises ICAO’s stance.

Year Instrument Action
2001 Fuel taxes  Reaffirms opposition 
2001 GHG emission standard  Rules out 
2001 Closed emissions trading   Opposes 
2004 Global  ETS  Dismisses in favor of existing schemes 
2004 GHG emissions charges  Three year moratorium 
2007 EU emissions trading system Attempts to block inclusion of foreign carriers 
2009  General    GIACC sets unambitious targets

GHG – greenhouse gases
ETS – emissions trading scheme
GIACC – Group on international aviation changes