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Engaging with academics, politicians and the public

11th June, 2010

During the past two weeks AEF has presented at two university events, had a meeting at the GLA to consider issues in relation to the London airports, and been organising an event with the New Economics Foundation for our members and associates.

Tim and Cait both presented on the topic of aviation and climate change. Tim spoke at Oxford University as part of a series of public seminars organised by the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment on the theme of Low Carbon Mobility: Land, Sea and Air, while Cait discussed aviation in a low carbon future, at a conference at Loughborough University on Airports and the Environment, put on by the Airport Energy Technologies Network.

We’ve also, in the past fortnight, met with Darren Johnson, Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee at the London Assembly, to discuss future aviation and environment challenges facing the capital. And we’ve handled queries on the coalition government’s position on airport expansion, night time helicopter movements in Hampshire, and flight paths near Stansted Airport.