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Response to the Airports Commission on noise, build-up to UN climate talks, and welcome to James

3rd September, 2013

August has been a quiet month in terms of UK policy, allowing Cait to finish AEF’s noise consultation response for the Airports Commission. This follows on from our work on other consultations throughout July. Nic meanwhile responded to the UK Government’s ‘Balance of Competencies’ consultation relating to the balance of powers between the EU and Member States. Currently, many important environmental protections derive from EU legislation, especially in relation to air pollution and climate change.

Tim spent the month preparing for September’s ICAO Assembly discussion on market measures to combat climate change, as NGOs, industry and governments begin to finalise their positions. A new report by Prof. David Lee of Manchester Metropolitan University was published this month highlighting the urgency of action at this Assembly and Tim was quoted in coverage of this by Green Air Online and Bloomberg.

Cait has also been tying up loose ends in the run-up to her maternity leave starting in early September and helping our new full-time paid intern, James Lees, to settle in. James started in mid-August and will be providing communications and research support; check out his staff profile for more.