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News from the AEF
from April 2014

New guidelines for airport consultative committees

The Department for Transport has published a new set of guidelines for airport consultative committees and many of our suggestions to a recent consultation were taken on board. Highlights include a detailed section on dealing with complaints but we were disappointed that the DfT was unwilling to improve the statutory requirements for airports and airfields.

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Waste-to-jet fuel plant highlights the opportunities and limitations of alternative fuels

British Airways this week announced plans for their pilot facility, in partnership with Solena Fuels and known as the ‘Green Sky project’, which converts landfill waste into alternative fuels for aviation, to be built in Thurrock, Essex. The company estimates that the plant could produce 50,000 tonnes of aviation fuel every year from waste earmarked for landfill.

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Could closing London City Airport bring greater economic benefits to the local community?

A new report from the New Economics Foundation (NEF) makes the case for closing London’s City Airport and redeveloping the site to create more jobs, boost local business and build new homes, after finding that the economic benefits of the airport were surprisingly small.

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European Parliament votes to reduce emissions trading scheme to only cover european flights

The European Parliament has this week voted in favour of restricting the scope of the European Union’s emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) to intra-EU flights until 2017 (flights between destinations within the European Economic Area), effectively excluding long-haul flights. The …

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