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AEF briefing highlights inadequate measures to address air quality in Heathrow NPS

7th September, 2017

Today, the AEF published the third in a series of briefings which focuses on the implications of Heathrow expansion for air quality. This forms part of the campaign Why the third runway plan can’t fly emphasising the NPS’s failure to adequately address climate change, air quality and noise pollution.

In this briefing, we urge MPs not to support the NPS until the Government has a legally-compliant air quality plan, which can demonstrate headroom for Heathrow’s third runway, without exceeding legal air quality limits.

Aptly, the Government today announced further consultation on the NPS for Heathrow. In his report, Jeremy Sullivan QC who was appointed to oversee its consultation, has highlighted a need to take into consideration revised aviation demand forecasts and the Government’s final air quality plan. A short period of further consultation is expected to take place later this year.