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AEF briefing looks at the economics and UK-wide impacts of Heathrow expansion

15th September, 2017

AEF has released the last in a series of briefings on Why the third runway plan can’t fly, looking at the impacts on other UK airports of Heathrow expansion, as well as the purported economic benefits that an expanded Heathrow will bring to the UK economy.

Over the course of our briefings, AEF has outlined its concerns about the deficiencies of the NPS in relation to climate change, noise pollution, and air quality, the costs of which have scarcely even been acknowledged in estimates of the economic benefits of expansion.

Until the Government publishes data showing the impact of Heathrow expansion on other airports and presents the economic case for Heathrow in a scenario where the UK meets its legal climate change commitments, we argue, we urge MPs not to support the NPS.

The full series of briefings can be found under the ‘Related Articles’ tab of this article.