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AEF Briefing: Why International Aviation and Shipping emissions should be included in the sixth carbon budget

2nd March, 2021

AEF’s new briefing outlines why International Aviation and Shipping (IAS) should be included in the UK’s net zero legislation and in the sixth carbon budget when this is brought before Parliament this summer.

The current approach – allowing ‘headroom’ for these emissions rather than formally including them – has allowed aviation emissions to rise, whilst emissions from other sectors have fallen. Including IAS in carbon budgets would help to: 

  • Ensure that the Department for Transport’s commitment to net zero across all transport modes is delivered 
  • Set a policy framework through which the aviation industry is held to account for its own promises to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 (as set out for example in the latest Sustainable Aviation carbon roadmap) 
  • Provide certainty for investors over what is expected from the aviation and shipping sectors, to help drive innovation and to create the right market conditions for the radical new technologies and fuels that will be needed to achieve net zero emissions in these sectors.

Read the briefing in full here.