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AEF launches map showing people’s experiences of living with aircraft noise

8th March, 2021

AEF has launched a new interactive map showing case studies of people’s experiences of aircraft noise both before and during the COVID pandemic, from people unable to make themselves heard over aircraft noise in Glasgow, to airport operations in Southend that leave those living nearby unable to sleep. Others describe the peace and quiet they were able to enjoy as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Check out the map here

Aircraft noise is a key environmental concern for communities impacted by aircraft operations. For some this can be as a result of sudden changes in flight paths, for others as a result of increased operations at their local airports. In 2016, we estimated that over one million people in the UK were being exposed to aircraft noise levels above thresholds recommended for the protection of health. Aircraft noise has been linked to impaired learning in children, sleep disturbance, and long-term health problems such as cardiovascular disease. 

AEF believes that no one’s life should be blighted by aircraft noise and we continue to push for the introduction of meaningful noise targets for aviation, as well as a ban on night flights.

Click here to see our new interactive map.