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AEF hosts webinar on Element Energy report: The Role of Aviation Demand Reduction in UK Decarbonisation

1st June, 2022

In May 2022, AEF published a report commissioned from Element Energy on the role of aviation demand reduction in UK decarbonisation. As part of the launch, AEF also hosted a webinar where the report’s author, Richard Riley (Senior Principal Consultant at Element Energy) presented the key findings.

The overarching message of the report is the need to talk about demand management, and we hope this report and presentation are only the beginning of the conversation. The full webinar can now be watched here:

In the presentation, Element Energy sets out the three main themes of the report, namely:

  1. The need for the aviation sector to make much deeper cuts in its emissions in the short- to medium-term.
  1. The Government’s hopes for cleaner technology and Sustainable Aviation Fuels are overly optimistic given the challenges and policy uncertainties.
  2. To compensate for these factors, the Government needs to consider the use of demand reduction measures to increase the chances of meeting its net-zero goals and interim targets.

For a full explanation, please refer to the report, which can be accessed here.

Element Energy has previously undertaken climate analysis and modelling work for the UK government and the Climate Change Committee amongst others. AEF’s press release can be read here.