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About the AEF

AEF director Tim Johnson on BBC Panorama November 2019

The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the principal UK NGO campaigning exclusively on the environmental impacts of aviation and promoting a sustainable future for the sector. We formed as a federation in 1975 at a time when the sector was beginning to grow rapidly and noise was becoming an issue around airfields and airports. As aviation is exempt from noise nuisance legislation our members sought action to influence the national policy level.

AEF continues to focus on policy change but our work now extends beyond national policies to influencing European and global policy makers. Aviation has environmental, social and economic impacts and so despite being an organisation that is small in size, our work covers issues ranging from local air quality to global climate change, and from local participation in an airport consultative committee to the overall national economic impact of a new runway.

AEF’s aim is:

To protect the environment, public health and quality of life through securing policies and measures that ensure effective limits on noise, emissions and other environmental impacts from the aviation sector.

To further this aim, our objectives are:

  • to seek effective legislation, policies and other measures by working with local, national and international policy-making and legislative bodies
  • to promote practical solutions through consultation and co-operation with AEF members, regulatory and public bodies, the aviation industry, and others
  • to support our members and affected communities in liaising with decision-makers and other stakeholders
  • to provide advice, analysis and information
  • to publicise and promote the role and responsibilities of the Federation

Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report for 2018 is available here.

How we work

AEF sets out to engage about all the issues we work on. Our rigorous approach and willingness to talk cooperatively have led to our being invited to represent our members at all levels of the policy-making process. In the UK, we have regular contact with Government departments addressing transport and environment policy and in 2010 acted as the sole representative of community and environmental interests on the Government’s South East Airports Taskforce.

In recent years we have been called to give oral evidence to the Airports Commission, the parliamentary committee for the Civil Aviation Act, the Transport Committee, and the Environmental Audit Committee, and we provide a critical voice to the industry coalition Sustainable Aviation and to airports regulator the CAA through their expert advisory committees. Internationally, we are a lead member of the environmental umbrella body ICSA, which participates in work by the UN aviation body ICAO on environmental impacts, particularly climate change.

AEF also provides information, advice and analysis in relation to aviation’s environmental impacts to our members, the public, the media, and other environmental and community organisations. We regularly coordinate policy work by other green NGOs and we provide administrative support for the Airportwatch network of environmental organisations and community groups.

How we’re funded

AEF is independent from both Government and industry, being funded through our membership, together with donations from individuals and charitable trusts. Read here about how you could support our work.