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The UK planning system plays an important role in controlling the environmental effects of airports and airfields , as well as setting general policies relating to new development or expansion. We advise our members on planning legislation and regulations, development plans, public inquiries, permitted development rights, environmental assessment, and planning agreements.

In 2008, we compiled an online handbook, ‘Airports and Planning’. Chapters of the old Planning Handbook can be downloaded from the list below.

However, there have been major changes to planning policy since then and so we are currently updating our guide to factor them in.

  1. Worried about an airport expansion?
  2. What are an airport’s impacts? (2.95MB)
  3. How are airports planned?
  4. How do I respond to a planning application?
  5. How do I comment on a plan or its assessments?
  6. How do I comment on an environmental statement?
  7. Is appropriate assessment needed?
  8. How do I present at a public inquiry?
    1. Example a
    2. Example b
    3. Example c
  9. Appendix A – What does the Air Transport White Paper say about my airport?
  10. Appendix B – Airport masterplans 2011 update

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