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There’re many ways that you can support our work. You can follow our latest work by signing up to our newsletter and following us on Twitter. You can help to keep our work going by giving a donation or assist in the direction of our work by becoming a member where you will get lots of other benefits!

Sign up to our newsletter

We like to keep our supporters and those interested in our work updated and we do this by sending out a newsletter every couple of months. If you would like to sign up, please enter your email below.

We are grateful to all of our supporters for the financial help they give us. As a small NGO, your donation is vital for us to continue our work.

Please consider supporting us with a regular direct debit, as this is the most effective way for us to be able to keep the environment on aviation’s agenda. If you are not able to give a regular donation, we welcome any support that you can provide as this will provide the means for us to influence national policy on aviation noise or work internationally to reduce airplane emissions.

You can make a donation through Stripe by using the button below, or contact us for information about how to pay by cheque or electronically. You may also wish to consider becoming a member.

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Become an AEF member

Will you consider becoming an AEF member?

Your views would help to inform our work and you would get some real benefits.

AEF formed as a ‘federation’ of member groups and individuals concerned about aviation impacts and we continue to rely on our membership today. We aim to represent the views of those who are directly affected by airport and airfield operations, overflights and airspace changes as well as those who join AEF simply to support our work and objectives. One of our major strengths is that our work is shaped and reinforced by real-world examples from our members.

Join now

Why join? Membership benefits

As well as helping to support and guide our work on national and international policy issues, members have benefitted from our advice and information to help:

  • understand the intricacies of aviation issues and their impacts on the environment;
  • secure more effective planning conditions in relation to noise impacts;
  • review and understand planning applications and environmental statements, and;
  • make well-informed responses to airspace change proposals.

All our members are entitled to the following:

1) Access to our information and advice service to deal with your enquiries (on a fair-use basis in recognition of our limited resources) on issues including:

  • data on noise, air pollution and climate change and on the operation of aircraft, airfields and airports;
  • the regulatory framework for aviation: air, environmental, and planning law (including how the planning system works, and case precedents);
  • who’s who in aviation, Government and international bodies, as well as in the legal, acoustic, and environmental consultancy fields; and
  • how to communicate concerns effectively with airports, regulators and aerodrome consultative committees in order to achieve positive outcomes.

2) AEF’s members-only updates and our e-newsletter. These will include alerts of important policy updates or the publication or relevant consultations, and invitations to help inform the AEF’s engagement with policy-makers.

3) Attendance at our Annual General Meeting and other seminars and events.

4) The opportunity to help guide and support our work programme by standing for election to our Executive Council.

How to join

We offer six types of membership which are listed below. Association membership is designed for residents’ groups and environmental organisations.

Personal £20
Association – representing under 5000 people £30
Association – representing over 5000 people £36
Parish or local council – representing under 5000 people £36
Parish or local council – representing over 5000 people £50
Corporate £175

All AEF members are entitled to the same benefits but the rates vary depending on membership type. You can pay online or by post. If you have any questions, please contact the AEF office.

Join by post and cheque

Please download the membership form and follow the details provided.

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Renew your membership

Your membership will last for 12 months from the date of joining, and we will write to you when it is time to renew. You can pay online, via BACS or by post. If you have any questions, please contact the AEF office.

Renew online

Renew by post and cheque

Please download the membership renewal form and follow the details provided.

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Our work is supported by a number of dedicated, long-term volunteers. In addition, we have occasionally offered placements for short-term student internships, and we have consistently received good feedback from interns about their time with us.

At present we are at full capacity and do not have the space to accommodate additional volunteers at the office.