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Cost of flying to increase with a new runway while ICAO calls for major biofuel investment

Big increases in ticket prices would be the only way to reconcile a new runway with climate laws, new analysis shows. Up to £43 would need to be added to a return flight from Manchester to Amsterdam, £162 for a …

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“Technology myths” are stalling aviation climate policy

A new academic study has identified that “myths” surrounding aviation technology developments, such as biofuels and solar power flights may have delayed action to address aviation emissions. The study, published in the journal Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, …

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Waste-to-jet fuel plant highlights the opportunities and limitations of alternative fuels

British Airways this week announced plans for their pilot facility, in partnership with Solena Fuels and known as the ‘Green Sky project’, which converts landfill waste into alternative fuels for aviation, to be built in Thurrock, Essex. The company estimates that the plant could produce 50,000 tonnes of aviation fuel every year from waste earmarked for landfill.

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