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Effects of Aircraft Noise on Children’s Cognition and Long Term Memory

Important studies show that noise can affects children’s learning.

Staffan Hygge, Kungl Tekniska Högskolan – Royal Institute of Technology, Centre for Built Environment, Laboratory of Applied Psychology, Gävle, Sweden.

FICAN Symposium, February 16, 2000 San Diego, California

Three set of studies:

  • Classroom noise experiments on long term memory
  • The Munich airport noise study on children
  • Laboratory studies on noise and memory

General conclusions:

  • There are impairing noise effects on long-term recall, both from acute and chronic noise exposure
  • The noise effect on recall is sometimes reversible
  • The noise effects on long-term recognition is smaller than for recall
  • The noise effects are not mediated by attention
  • Aircraft noise is more impairing than road traffic noise and irrelevant speech

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