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AEF Booklet: ‘Fly Now – Grieve Later’ (June 2005)

13th September, 2005

The AEF has published a new booklet called Fly Now – Grieve Later. The author is Brendon Sewill, a former Treasury economist, who also wrote the The Hidden Cost Of Flying in 2003. The scope of this new booklet is broader, and more applicable to the EU and beyond. It looks at technical, economic, social and political angles and considers the impediments to action.

Fly Now – Grieve Later argues that air travel is the most environmentally damaging activity anyone can undertake and that aviation is set to become the most damaging industry. It addresses the question of taxes and charges and calculates that the aviation sector receives an effective subsidy of around £9 billion. The feasibility of tax increases is explored and new figures suggested for the external costs of aviation, while the economic arguments for airport expansion are critically examined.

See links below for summary (Word document) and full publication (Adobe Acrobat; 1.2 Mbtyes).

‘Fly Now – Grieve Later’ : booklet (1.2 Mbytes)

Fly Now Summary

Fly Now – Grieve Later updates