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Heathrow injunction seeks to ban millions from ‘Climate Camp’

2nd August, 2007

As members may be aware, BAA has attempted to slap an injunction on some named individuals and members of a range of organisations including AEF, Friends of the Earth, RSPB and the National Trust. It could potentially ban millions of people from the Piccadilly Line, part of Paddington station and part of the M25 motorway. The aim is to stop people attending the Heathrow ‘Climate Camp’.

The hearing at the Courts of Justice in London continues today – 2nd Aug – and is expected to conclude 3rd Aug.

The police and Heathrow staff are on alert to handle a major terrorist incident, so it is laughable to suggest that they could not cope with any non-violent direct action that might be planned by a few people who may not even be at the climate camp . The real reason for the injunction is clearly to try and scare off ordinary citizens who oppose Heathrow expansion and who might find out more about issues such as aviation and climate change if they were to visit the climate camp.

Quite apart from Heathrow, the injunction raises issues about civil liberties, eg freedom to travel in West London without being criminalised, and freedom of speech, eg being prevented to go to a workshop on climate change.

The injunction has been described as “absurd and draconian” and has been condemned by much of the press, by Ken Livingstone and by the Green Party. It has not been condemned by Labour, Conservative or LibDem parties.

For the outcome of the case see 7th Aug news item and see link below for information on the climate camp.

Climate Camp website