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AEF Airport Planning and Noise Survey

14th July, 2008

Noise blight is a fact of life for many of those living close to aerodromes. Solutions to the problem are frequently inadequate. Many AEF members have concerns about the levels of noise they experience, and how airport planning  affects the noise profile of their areas. After the recent developments of ANASE and HYENA, the issue of noise, its mitigation, and the damage it causes to health is firmly back on the agenda.

To confront this issue, the AEF is launching a historical study of Airport Planning and Noise, covering all the aerodromes under AEF’s remit for a nationwide picture on how communities and aerodromes interact over planning issues. We will include spokespeople from key AirportWatch local membership groups, and some former AEF members, as they can provide a wealth of archived information from past campaigns/applications.

Alongside the experiences of local campaigners, the finished report will contain analysis of industry-produced material and local government material to provide balance and reveal any discrepancies between what the industry deems ‘consultation’ and how much public impact results from these exercises.

The study will provide a historical portfolio of community engagement with airport planning issues over the past few decades. We hope to find any inconsistencies/inadequacies in current planning arrangements, and suggest solutions to improve accountability at all stages of the planning procedure. We will also produce proposals for a draft national framework of quality assessment and guidance for airport planning, including central intervention measures. Positive examples from the study will be used to create a ‘Best Practice’ manual for airports, advising them on the best way to engage with local communities.

You can fill out an electronic copy online at:

If you have any questions about filling in the survey, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7248 2223.