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Carbon accounts and airport indicators

9th February, 2009

Snow in London was a brief distraction for the AEF team, but remembering that one spell of cold weather in the UK has little significance in terms of climate change, our main focus in the last fortnight has been on aviation emissions policy.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has been consulting on the nitty gritty of how the commitments made in the Climate Act are going to be put into practice. AEF’s response to the DECC consultation on carbon accounting is now on our website. Aircraft emissions were, meanwhile, one of the issues under consideration by the Global Reporting Initiative. AEF took part in a series of GRI meetings in late January on developing environmental indicators for airports.

Continuing our work on third party risk, a story in our News section notes evidence that after decades of improvement, Aviation safety may have stagnated . The safety of business jets in particular has come into question.

Inquiries in the last two weeks have included questions about how to handle noise from military training, and about how to get information on flight paths when buying a house – an issue that’s clearly a concern for many.