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Environmental impacts from local to global, plus a forthcoming AEF report on aviation and employment

23rd February, 2009

The last two weeks, while Tim’s been involved in the UN’s aviation and climate work, the rest of us have had our heads down dealing with a range of local issues. Inquiries have included questions about night noise from aircraft in Surrey, noise from pilot training and what the EU limit values are for air quality. AEF’s presentation at Environmental Protection UK’s conference on Local Environmental Quality in a Low Carbon Age brought many of these issues together.

We’ve also been working on a the publication of a new report by former Treasury economist Brendon Sewill analysing the evidence on whether airport expansions really bring with them the new jobs that are so often promised.

And we’ve been compiling the winter edition of our newsletter, which has now been sent to members, with articles on the Heathrow third runway announcement, AEF work on helicopter noise, EU noise regulations in practice, and an insider’s view of airport consultative committees.