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Airport Jobs: False Hopes, Cruel Hoax; plus news on noise and climate policy

23rd March, 2009

AEF’s latest publication – Airport jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax – by former Treasury economist Brendon Sewill is now out! Contact us for your copy or read it online. We anticipate it being useful primarily for local campaigners involved with planning applications for airport expansions.

Inquiries over the last fortnight have included questions on how to complain about Heathrow night noise, what to do about noisy tug planes used by gliders, and whether the growth in the UK’s aviation emissions will wipe out any potential greenhouse gas reductions from nuclear energy.

New on our website is a comparison of aviation emissions with car emissions, and the news that climate scientists are expressing increasing frustration about government failure to stand up to “powerful vested interests” in terms of climate policy.