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Airport radar and wind farms plus AEF in the media

12th June, 2009

The last two weeks have had us busy on national, European and international policy.

The Department for Transport has been consulting on proposed reforms to the economic regulation of UK airports. AEF has submitted a short response focussing on just two issues – a loophole in the planning system for airport development, and why the proposal that major airports could be taken on by the Government in case of financial failure is unjust.

Meanwhile elections have taken place for the European Parliament; Cait did a regional radio broadcast the day before to talk about the aviation issues that the Europe is facing. And international climate talks have been taking place in Bonn. Tim has recently appeared both in Flight International and in GreenAir giving comment on the progress (or lack of progress) of the discussions around aviation.

New items on our website include a story about wind farms being thwarted by airports concerned about disruptions to their radar signals (guess who gets priority: the airport or the wind farm?), and news about the noise action plans for airports expected to be published any day now.

And finally, Cait, who writes a lot of the web material for AEF, is off on leave for three weeks from today to get married. Watch this space for news of how her aviation-free honeymoon goes!