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Work on aviation emissions continues while airport noise action plans are starting to emerge

27th July, 2009

The past two weeks have seen us working on both noise and climate issues.

Tim gave a presentation on the challenges of aviation emissions growth at Warwick University’s conference on low carbon futures, and met with an aircraft engine manufacturer to discuss the possible role of technology standards in reducing environmental impacts. While Jeff, a member of our Executive Council, has had an article published in Point Carbon on the use of market-based measures to control aviation emissions.

In the AEF office we’ve handled several inquiries about aircraft noise – what restrictions apply to police helicopters, how to work out where planes are coming from, and what airspace changes may be taking place in the Luton area. Airports have begun to publish their noise action plans (as required by the Environmental Noise Regulations) and AEF hosted a meeting of airport campaigners, MPs and local authorities to discuss issues arising from the publication of the plans.

New material on the website during the past fortnight has included commentaries on the Transport Committee’s report on UK airspace (and Cait’s letter about this in the Evening Standard), and on the Government’s new carbon  reduction strategy.