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Ice, aircraft parts and construction material have all fallen from aircraft in 2009

4th September, 2009

Data from the CAA lists 15 icefalls and 7 aircraft parts among the items that fell from aircraft during the first six months of 2009 in UK airspace. Objects occasionally fall from the bottom of an aircraft as the landing gear is lowered during the plane’s final descent, while ice which has formed on the fuselage may break off as the aircraft descends into warmer air.

While rare, personal injuries and damage to property do sometimes occur. The CAA maintains that it has no liability for these incidents and is rarely able to identify the aircraft in question, but nevertheless keeps records of any falling objects. AEF plans to publish these lists on a six-monthly basis.

From 1st January to 30th June 2009 there were 29 reportable occurances of objects falling from aircraft in UK airspace:

  • 15 icefalls
  • 7 aircraft parts
  • 4 unidentified objects
  • 1 liquid fall (including toilet waste)
  • 1 passenger’s camera, and
  • 1 item of material from a local construction site