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Measuring carbon emissions by region, more on APD and some air quality questions

4th September, 2009

AEF has been gearing up for the autumn – preparing for various speaking engagements and beginning to plan our AGM. New on our website this fortnight is some commentary on Defra’s latest work on noise and health.

Cait took part in a workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) looking at how the GRIP software for generating regional inventories of carbon emissions could be extended to take into account emissions from international aviation. We’ve also given comment on the increases in air passenger duty that will come into effect this November (see, for example, and and we’ve been in touch with the CAA over objects that fall from aircraft as they prepare to land.

Inquiries during the past two weeks have included questions about how emissions should be allocated to airports (the issue that the MMU work is seeking to address), how much fuel is released unburned during landings and what work has been done on air quality in aircraft cabins.