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Discussions with the Climate Committee, environmental duties for the CAA and how schoolchildren can escape aircraft noise

18th September, 2009

On 9th September the latest advice to government from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) hit the press: see our report on their statement that developed countries will need to make deep cuts in aviation emissions. Laura wrote some comment on this for the Evening Standard, while Tim met with CCC on the 10th to discuss the Committee’s findings in the build up to their December report, which will address the 2050 reduction target for aviation.

We’ve also, in the last fortnight, met with the Department for Transport to discuss future environmental responsibilities for the CAA (prior to a consultation in December) and forthcoming international climate talks, and we’ve presented to the Institute of Air Quality Management on whether Heathrow will be able to comply with air pollution laws.

Laura, meanwhile, has been researching a new AEF project ensuring children affected by aircraft noise can access outdoor learning, and Nic has been working on the AEF website to ensure as smooth a possible a transition to our new page display, which now makes documents easier to find in our A-Z.