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Discussions over new aircraft standards, while keeping some perspective on BA’s biofuel promises

26th February, 2010

In the past two weeks, we’ve been working on national, European and international policy issues. Following on from the UN meeting that agreed a significant tightening of the NOx standard for aircraft (with the hope of  reducing air pollution near airports), Tim met with the Executive Director of the International Council on Clean Transportation, to discuss the possibility of introducing an aircraft standard for CO2, which could help tackle climate impacts.

Cait attended a workshop on enforcement and funding of the EU emissions trading system and advised a student researching the possible impacts of the scheme. She has also continued discussions with the government over third party risk around airports, and has been working on AEF’s submission to a current consultation on introducing environmental duties for the CAA.

New on the website in the last fortnight has been commentary on BA’s announcement that, together with Solena, it plans to open a biofuels plant in east London, news of a new report from the London Assembly which draws on AEF material to argue that the current environmental conditions in place for Heathrow expansion are inadequate, and an update from Nic on the government’s CO2 figures.

Inquiries have come from, among others, a Farnborough resident concerned about planned increases in activity, and a caller in the North East exasperated by noise from GA aircraft.