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A UN conference, more on the London Plan, and support for AEF policies in the new government’s approach to aviation

14th May, 2010

The new coalition government, formed during the past two weeks, has announced two significant new policies on aviation which both reflect AEF campaigning and argument. For more detail see Coalition government will cancel Heathrow expansion, refuse new runways at Gatwick and Stansted, and close loopholes in aviation taxation

Tim has spent most of the past week at a UN conference on aviation and climate change, where he gave three presentations: on the use of taxes to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, on the carbon calculator that the UN has developed for estimating flight emissions and on how to develop a comprehensive approach to reducing those emissions.

Nic represented AEF at a meeting organised by the Town and County Planning Association to consider the upcoming ‘examination in public’ of the Mayor’s replacement London Plan, and was able to contribute to discussion about economic benefit of Heathrow expansion with evidence that all the local councils in West London were opposed to the plans.

Inquiries in the past fortnight have covered global aviation emissions figures, the regulation of helicopter noise, and how campaigners can monitor noise from light aircraft.