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UN climate, EU slots, UK airspace and Manston night flights

1st November, 2010

22nd Sep – 31st Oct

Our work has ranged from worldwide through EU and UK to local this month. 

Tim J attended the 37th ICAO Assembly in Montreal to participate in the discussions towards more ambitious goals on climate change (see news story). Before the Assembly, he presented at the University of McGill/ICAO Conference on the need for market-based measures to tackle climate change.

Tim also attended a meeting of European NGOs in Brussels, hosted by T&E, to consider the forthcoming European Commission review of energy taxation.

Other activities included chairing the annual meeting of the Henstridge Airfield Consultative Committee in South Somerset, and participating in the latest of a series of meetings between environmental organisations and the Civil Aviation Authority on issue concerning aircraft noise.

Nic has trialled and commented on a new ’pathways’ programme from DECC, which allows users to develop different scenarios for reducing CO2 emissions.  He has also responded to the EU slot allocation consultation.

As well as office administration, Roger has dealt with the Manston night flights issue, including a radio interview.

Tim T was at the launch of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority’s) ‘Future Airspace Strategy for the UK’. He is now studying their report so that AEF and its members can respond to this rather technical but important document.