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2011 starts with policy, economic and safety issues

11th February, 2011

4th Jan – 11th Feb

With the office closed for the festive break, it was good to return and think about the challenges ahead in 2011.

With several policy issues looming large, Tim and Nic, and other environmental NGOs, met with the Department for Transport to discuss the forthcoming consultation to scope the new aviation policy.

Tim also met with the Civil Aviation Authority to discuss its environmental responsibilities, presented at the Transport Times conference on a “New Strategy for UK Aviation” and lectured at a course on airports and the environment organised by Cranfield University.

Nic attended the launch of a report by Delft on the economic impact of a night flight ban at Heathrow and estimated the tax advantages to the aviation industry as a result of the VAT rise.

Roger has continued to research third-party safety (danger) and has written an article in the AEF newsletter, which he also edited and produced.