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More media work as Boeing Dreamliner is brought to UK for demo flights

15th May, 2012

The Boeing ‘Dreamliner’ flew into the UK for the first time during the last fortnight. Nic has been delving into the PR surrounding the plane’s noise credentials and appeared on The One Show on BBC1 to talk about its likely impact on overall noise at UK airports. He has also been examining potential noise increases at Dunsfold Aerodrome as a result of Olympics traffic and analysing a new report which attempts to quantify annual deaths from air pollution arising from aviation and shipping in the UK.

Tim and Cait have been focussing on climate change work, with Tim continuing to take part in work at ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization at the UN) on options for addressing aviation emissions at the global level through market-based measures. Cait, meanwhile, has been looking closely at the recent recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change regarding aviation emissions. She also attended a parliamentary event organised by RSPB to consider the environmental impacts of a Thames Estuary airport.