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UK aviation policy leaves big questions over noise and climate change

12th July, 2012


The draft UK aviation policy published today sets out a range of measures for increasing the efficiency of UK aviation, as well as high level goals in relation to climate change, noise and other environmental impacts.

AEF agrees with the Government that opportunities for improving the UK’s connectivity without building new runways should be explored. And we very much welcome the principle that aviation expansion should be considered only within the context of an appropriate environmental framework. But we are disappointed by the lack of any timetables or targets for UK action on aviation’s environmental  impacts.

AEF Deputy Director Cait Hewitt said:

“The Government is right to say that decisions about airport capacity should only be taken once there is greater consensus about the environmental framework in which the industry will operate.

“But with no target for UK aviation emissions, no timetable for agreeing how much extra climate damage is done by aircraft compared with ground-based source of greenhouse gases, and no plan to bring aircraft noise levels within the maximum limits recommended by the World Health Organisation, there’s still a very long way to go if we are to resolve the thorniest issues in relation to UK aviation growth.”