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AEF submits evidence to parliamentary committee

26th October, 2012

AEF has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Transport Committee, which is carrying out an inquiry into aviation.

The committee has asked the following questions. For AEF’s response, link here.

1. What should be the objectives of Government policy on aviation?

a) How important is international aviation connectivity to the UK aviation industry?

b) What are the benefits of aviation to the UK economy?

c) What is the impact of Air Passenger Duty on the aviation industry?

d) How should improving the passenger experience be reflected in the Government’s aviation strategy?

e) Where does aviation fit in the overall transport strategy?

2. How should we make the best use of existing aviation capacity?

3. What constraints are there on increasing UK aviation capacity?

a) Are the Government’s proposals to manage the impact of aviation on the local environment sufficient, particularly in terms of reducing the impact of noise on local residents?

b. Will the Government’s proposals help reduce carbon emissions and manage the impact of aviation on climate change? How can aviation be made more sustainable?

c) What is the relationship between the Government’s strategy and EU aviation policies?

4. Do we need a step-change in UK aviation capacity? Why?

AEF’s response.