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Heathrow and surface transport stress

4th October, 2013

Campaign for Better Transport has published a report called “Heathrow and surface transport stress”. It shows that surface transport is already stressed and how this could get worse, even without expanding Heathrow. The report says (conclusions, p24):

“Adequate surface access assessments of Heathrow airport and the proposals for its expansion have yet to be carried out. The airport is located in the most congested quadrant of London’s road network. The road and public transport infrastructure is under considerable stress and is set to become more stressed as London’s population grows even if the airport is not expanded. Road journeys from London to the West Country and south Wales are already made more costly and unreliable by congestion on the country’s main west-bound routes. Capacity created by expansion of the existing Piccadilly underground line and the construction of Crossrail will be quickly filled by the growth in employment and population in London and the areas around Heathrow. Even with Crossrail and without more runways at Heathrow, TfL predict that rail crowding in the Heathrow corridor will be worse in 2031.

Expansion of the airport in the middle of this high-pressure setting is under discussion again. The surface transport implications of expansion will have to be clearly explored and set out. .. ”

Full report.