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CAA’s consultation on their environmental programme 2014-16

2nd May, 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority recently consulted on its environmental programme for 2014-16 which we responded to along with continuing to provide feedback to the CAA through our participation in their environmental stakeholder panel.

Our primary concern was that the consultation did not seem to take into account the DfT’s recent publication on the CAA’s Information duties related to the environment or consider these duties as important enough to have an objective as part of their environmental programme.

We also believe that the CAA should be careful when stating its support for additional airport capacity in the South East in its role as an independent regulator of the aviation industry in the interest of the public. Particularly, as this is currently not the Government’s view.

The CAA does not mention the importance of UK aviation’s emissions for meeting the UK’s domestic climate target (The Climate Change Act) in their environmental programme over the next two years which we believe it should. International action is required for climate change but we have a domestic target under law and aviation emissions are likely to be important in deciding whether the UK meets that target or not. The CAA should see their role as important in contributing towards meeting the target.


AEF response to Environmental Programme consultation

CAA consultation on environment programme 2014-16