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Update on our work over April 2014

2nd May, 2014

As the Airports Commission’s likely recommendations are now clear, we have been meeting with members of their secretariat to discuss their conclusions and forecasts. We have also been looking at how we can best inform policy makers on the Airports Commission’s work and we have prepared a series of policy briefs that will be disseminated to politicians of all parties. These briefings will highlight the challenges that the next Government would face if they were to accept the Airports Commission’s conclusions.

On broader UK policy, we have responded to the CAA’s consultation on their environment programme over the next few years.

Beyond the UK, AEF Director Tim Johnson has been busy participating in the technical work to develop a global market based measure to tackle aviation emissions. He also recently participated in a panel discussion on the sustainability challenges for aviation at the aviation and environment industry summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

In other news, AEF will soon be moving across to a new website where we will also be launching our new online Planning Handbook. So watch this space.

Image Credit: GACC via Twitter