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AEF launches noise discussion paper ahead of aviation strategy consultation

11th July, 2018

This Autumn, the Government is expected to launch a Green Paper setting out its proposals for a new UK aviation strategy, including policies to limit noise and emissions. The Government has already indicated its willingness to consider new environmental policies, and will be seeking feedback on topics ranging from the potential for setting noise targets, and a national carbon policy for aviation.

To help inform that discussion, AEF has launched a paper on aircraft noise issues, the first in a series of discussion papers that will also cover air quality and climate change challenges. The noise paper reviews the effectiveness of existing rules and regulations, identifies the gaps that need to be addressed by the aviation strategy, and makes nine specific recommendations that will support efforts to reduce noise for communities.

The nine recommendations

To deliver a more coherent and effective approach, the Government should:

1. Commit to developing meaningful, measurable targets to protect the public from the impacts of aircraft noise on health and quality of life

2. Give ICCAN an explicit role in identifying appropriate noise objectives and monitoring progress in delivering them

3. Close the regulatory gaps and increase accountability for delivering noise commitments

4. Commit to providing guidance for local authorities

5. Guarantee public access to agreed standard noise data

6. Commit to funding further research to increase understanding

7. Maintain up-to-date evidence about noise costs and associated assessment tools

8. Introduce measures to protect tranquil areas

9. Improve compensation for communities impacted by noise

The discussion paper can be viewed and downloaded here.