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AEF responds to CCC call for evidence on Sixth Carbon Budget

20th February, 2020

In February, AEF responded to the Committee on Climate Change’s call for evidence on the Sixth Carbon Budget. 

The Sixth Carbon budget, notes the CCC, ‘will provide ministers with the Committee’s recommendation on the level of greenhouse gases the UK can emit during the period 2033-2037. It will set out a pathway to meet the UK’s new net-zero emissions target in 2050, and is the first carbon budget to be legislated following that commitment’. 

In our response, we highlight evidence relating to:

  • the non-CO2 impacts of aviation, arguing that in light of an update to the latest scientific understanding, due to be published in the coming months, the CCC should review whether or not non-CO2 impacts should also be included in the UK’s carbon accounts.
  • the potential for shifts in public attitudes towards flying that could result in lower aviation demand than currently anticipated, which could be encouraged with better information about the climate impacts of flying (the Government should, we argue, make it a requirement for all transport providers to clearly set out CO2 and other GHG impacts associated with a trip prior to the point of booking).
  • the possibility to include aviation and shipping emissions in the fourth and fifth carbon budgets (previously set on the basis of a 80% reduction in GHGs by 2050), arguing that these should be revisited in light of the net zero target.
  • the existence of climate policies, commitments and campaigns on aviation emissions in EU ‘hub competitor’ countries, which help – we argue – to prevent risks of carbon leakage as a result of UK domestic policy action such as a moratorium on airport expansion.

Our full response can be found here.