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No further financial support for Scottish aviation without action to tackle emissions, say AEF and Transform Scotland

17th September, 2020

Ahead of the Scottish Labour Party debate on aviation this week, AEF and Transform Scotland sent a joint briefing to Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs). The debate, which took place yesterday afternoon, was centred on the sustainability of the Scottish aviation sector beyond Covid-19. 

The AEF and Transform Scotland briefing argues against any further financial support for the sector without action to tackle emissions in our briefing. Key points were that:

  • Transport is the biggest problem for tackling climate change, and aviation is the most polluting form of transport. 
  • There should be no new government financial support for stimulating aviation demand in the absence of meaningful action to tackle the sector’s environmental impacts, including climate change & noise pollution. 
  • New aviation policy should take account of the recommendations from the UK Climate Assembly. 

The full briefing can be read here.