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Open letter: Government must include aviation and shipping in net zero legislation

24th February, 2021

The Government will soon be deciding whether or not to accept the recommendation of its independent climate advisors, the Climate Change Committee (CCC), to formally include emissions from International Aviation and Shipping (IAS) in future carbon budgets. This policy step would be complementary to UK negotiations at the international level to set a long term goal for the aviation sector globally, CCC argues.

We believe that a decision on inclusion of international aviation in the UK’s carbon budgets and net zero legal target is a crucial test of the Government’s confidence in its own plans for a green industrial revolution (which includes the ambition for zero carbon flying to become a reality) and of its willingness to hold the aviation industry to account for their net zero promises. 

Given the significance of this decision, we have written an open letter directly to Boris Johnson about it, together with Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Possible and Transport & Environment.