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Communities want an end to aviation night noise, not an extension to current restrictions, says AEF

5th March, 2021

AEF has responded to part one of the Department for Transport’s night noise consultation on whether to extend the current regime at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted from October 2022 to October 2024. 

In our response, we say:

  • A ban on night flights at the designated airports should be introduced, rather than an extension of the current regime for a further two years. Many members around the designated London airports have reported a notable improvement in wellbeing as a result of improved sleep since the COVID-19 lockdown. 
  • The claimed benefits of night flights to the UK economy are not evidenced. A study needs to be carried out in order to validate or refute these claims.
  • A post-COVID-19 study should be carried out immediately in order to update forecasts on the introduction of quieter aircraft operating, especially at night.
  • We welcome a ban on QC4 aircraft between 2330 and 0600. However, this ban should be extended in order to provide protection for the full 8-hour night period, and there should also be a scheduling ban on QC2 aircraft. 

To read AEF’s full response, click here.

AEF is currently preparing its response to part two of the night noise consultation which covers wider national policy issues. The deadline for submitting comments on part two is 31st May 2021.