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Raising visibility of those impacted by aircraft noise

In the UK alone, over one million people are exposed to aircraft noise levels above the thresholds recommended for the protection of health. WHO Europe guidelines state that policy-makers should aim to keep noise below 45 dB Lden on average, and below 40 dB Lnight for night noise exposure, to avoid adverse health effects. 

Raising visibility

Noise levels at nearly all UK airports significantly exceed WHO-recommended levels today, and the issue is not confined to the congested airspace over London and the South East. Each year, communities from all regions are impacted by noise from aircraft flying over our cities, towns, rural areas and national parks. 

At AEF, we regularly have contact with people impacted by aircraft noise across the UK, and are keen to highlight how this affects their lives and health. Click on the icons on the map below to watch and read about some of their experiences.

If you would like to contribute to this project, email or tweet us with your stories.

Campaigning for no night flights

AEF is supporting the No Night Flights campaign run by Aviation Communities Forum (ACF). To coincide with the government consultation on night flights which closed in September 2021, ACF launched a petition calling for a ban on night flights to protect public health. To read more about the campaign and how you can support it, click here.