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Are Heathrow’s concessions enough to address the impacts of a third runway?

Heathrow has announced a series of environmental concessions, based on those proposed by the Airports Commission, which it hopes will persuade the Government to give it permission to build a third runway. Heathrow claims to go beyond the Airports Commission’s …

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Why aviation needs to be part of any agreement at the Paris Climate Conference

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is holding COP21 in Paris from the 30th November. Since 1992, the UNFCCC has been the venue for negotiating legally binding agreements on the reduction of carbon emissions. The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 …

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The Heathrow noise sweeteners that act as a smokescreen for third runway pollution

The Airports Commission has finally published its report on UK airport capacity,emphatically supporting a third runway at Heathrow over its rivals – a Gatwick second runway or the Heathrow Hub option (a runway on the end of one of Heathrow’s …

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America Is Finally Taking Emissions From Flying Seriously – So Let’s Not Drop the Ball

Past attempts to find a global way of dealing with aviation’s carbon emissions have fallen short, most recently with European countries like the UK trying to impose a carbon regulation but lacking international support, particularly from across the pond. So today’s announcement by the American Environmental Protection Agency that carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft are a danger to the health of the public could mark a turning point.

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Davies Commission needs to blow away the hot air in the airports debate

The Airports Commission has one last opportunity this side of the General Election to blow away the hot air in the airports debate and set out the realistic costs and benefits in its appraisals of Heathrow and Gatwick expansion options

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