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Aircraft parts, doors and liquids have fallen from aircraft in the past 6 months

25th February, 2010

The latest report on falling objects from the CAA indicates 24 occurrences of falling objects from aircraft in UK airspace during the past six months. For information about reporting objects that you believe may have fallen from aircraft, see the introduction to our safety section. While rare, personal injuries and damage to property do sometimes occur.

CAA data supplied to AEF record that from 1st July – 31st December 2009, the following falling objects were reported:

  • 7 icefalls
  • 7 aircraft parts
  • 3 fuselage panels
  • 2 liquid falls (including toilet waste)
  • 2 doors
  • 1 unidentified object
  • 1 engineering tool
  • 1 under-slung load

Postcodes for the icefalls were as follows:

  • Stoke Bishop, BS9
  • Bromley, BR3
  • Downend, Bristol, BS16
  • Bisley, GU24
  • Eastergate Road, Worksop, S80
  • Clock Face, WA9
  • Ipswich, IP7