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ICAO establishes first binding CO2 standard for aircraft

The International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO’s) environment committee has agreed a CO2 standard to be applied to all new in-production commercial and business aircraft delivered from 2028, and a separate technology standard for new aircraft designs from 2020. According to analysis by the …

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New study finds major variations in fuel efficiency of transatlantic airlines

A new report by ICCT, the independent U.S. think tank, has ranked the fuel efficiency of the top airlines on routes between the U.S. and Europe, finding a 51% difference between the most (Norwegian Air Shuttle) and least (British Airways, BA) fuel efficient airlines.

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America Is Finally Taking Emissions From Flying Seriously – So Let’s Not Drop the Ball

Past attempts to find a global way of dealing with aviation’s carbon emissions have fallen short, most recently with European countries like the UK trying to impose a carbon regulation but lacking international support, particularly from across the pond. So today’s announcement by the American Environmental Protection Agency that carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft are a danger to the health of the public could mark a turning point.

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